Life Care Hospital



The orthopedic department has two OT’s with state-of-the-art facilities. With ultra clean airflow for joint replacement surgery our theatre is fully advanced with world-class equipment’s. It has HEPA filters, world-standard surgical equipment, Epoxy flooring and modular infrastructure.

Total Joint Replacement

The joint replacement department deals with replacing the abnormal bone and lining structure by surgically inserting new parts in them. The department is designed to perform replacement surgeries for knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and hip. The damaged cartilage and bone are removed and replaced with a new metal and plastic joint, which helps to restore alignment of joints, making them function in a better way. The department has a dedicated Joint replacement operation theatre. A dedicated team of doctors is available 24*7 for pre and post-surgery assistance.

Arthroscopy Surgery

We provide full range of arthroscopic services. Our specialists here are trained from the best hospitals from all around the world, providing treatments to elite sports persons. An arthroscopy surgeon provides arthroscopy treatment for shoulder, knee, elbow, wrist, hip, ankle and hind foot joints. Arthroscopy surgery has revolutionized the orthopedic care by solving all joint problems by inserting a pen like camera device that visualizes the problem and helps in treating injured cartilage, tendons, ligaments and other intra-articular pathologies.

In this “Key Hole” surgery, the incisions are very small and help the patients to recover faster. The benefit of this surgery is that there are no scars. The patient can get an early discharge from the hospital and can resume work immediately.

Ligament repairs, meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocations, tendinitis and other injuries can be treated with excellent results.

i. Arthroscopy / Key Hole Surgery ii. Ligament Reconstruction iii. Bone Marrow Injection iv. PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma Injection v. Physiotherapy vi. Meniscal Repair vii. Cartilage Regeneration viii. OATS / ix. ACI x. Joint Stabilization Procedure.

The Sports Injury department looks after the needs of an injured person. Here the experts work on both operative and non-operative modes of treatment. The department is capable of treating the most advanced injuries by using sophisticated infrastructure and the latest treatment methods.

This department works closely with the Orthopedic Surgeon, Fitness Trainers, Physical therapists, Nutritionists and Psychologists who help in the identification and treatment of injuries.

Conditions we treat are as follows: i. Ligaments Sprain ii. ACL & PCL Tears iii. Frozen Shoulder iv. Heel Pain v. Elbow Tendinitis vi. Hamstring Muscle Strains vii. Stem Cell Therapy viii. Platelet Rich Plasma ix. Sports Rehabilitation and Fracture Recovery x. Intra articular causes of knee and shoulder pain xi. Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation xii. Cartilage Regeneration and Cartilage Transfer.

Vascular & Hand Surgery provides comprehensive open and endovascular care for patients with vascular disease. Diseases and injuries of the hand are also treated. We specialize at treating peripheral artery disease without the use of artificial tubing to bypass the blockage. We can often reopen original vessels with only a needle stick to the groin instead of multiple incisions. This allows patient to return to normal activity the next day instead of a week or two, and the risks of serious complication including infection is significantly reduced.

Our office is staffed by two vascular surgeons, one of whom is also trained in Hand Surgery. We also have an in-office ICAVL accredited Vascular Lab.

Spine Surgery

​​Accident and Trauma Services

Round-the-clock designated doctors and paramedics are available in the hospital. We strictly adhere to internationally accepted protocols. The department is well-equipped with an emergency room, multispecialty team, laboratory and other diagnostic services. The department is also provides comprehensive care for trauma including Polytrauma, where multiple traumatic injuries involving many organs such as serious head injury in addition to abdominal injuries, fractures and dislocations.


  1. Dedicated Trauma Operation theatre

  2. ICU Backup

  3. Joint Replacement Operation theatre

  4. High end radiological suite with X-ray, Image intensification and HI- Speed CT and MRI