Life Care Hospital

Physiotherapy & Rehabilation


We offer physical therapy with modern facilities and hi-tech equipment like Intellect Combo Unit, Interferential Therapy, Traction Laser & other electrotherapeutic equipment. Our physiotherapist at the center works closely with doctors to evaluate and treat full spectrum of orthopedic cases including sports injuries, fracture care, post-surgical rehabilitation like total hip replacement and total knee replacement, and conservative care of neck and lower back injuries. We believe in providing hands-on quality care with readymade and tailor-made orthotic items that are provided keeping in mind patient’s requirements.

This unit treats patients to improve their functional abilities acquired from major injury, illness or medical procedures. Programs are custom-designed to maximize the ability of the child and make him/her participate in school activities, home and surroundings. In such programs, participation of families and caretakers is key. An individualized program is designed to achieve specific goals in areas such as mobility, self-care and communication. Suitability for rehabilitation is assessed on an individual basis. We have specialized gadgets and world-class equipment for the treatment and rehabilitation.

Children with spastic disorders like cerebral palsy and those with CTEV benefit from exercise and stretching programs as well as use of different modalities of physiotherapy.

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This center is an independent clinic for all the neuro rehabilitation services. Neuro Rehabilitation Centre provides out-patient, in-patient, community-based, comprehensive neuro-rehabilitation and neuro-development therapy through multidisciplinary approach and care. We understand the importance of life and thus, provide innovative, supportive and collaborative treatment with focused needs that aim to increase quality of life.

Patients with neurological disorders need special care and aggressive therapy to bring them back to normal. Making them independent in carrying out activities of daily living is a challenging task.

Physical rehabilitation at Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre takes place in our new fully-instrumented, state-of-the-art physiotherapy department. Rehabilitation program is custom-designed for each patient with specific regime. The main objective here is to achieve aerobic capacity and strength. Patients here are divided into batches, which also helps them interact with others and become a part of social and support groups. Classes always start with stretching, followed by warm-up, exercise and a cool down period. Sessions are conducted and supervised by physical therapists. Every patient is given personal attention, even when they are working in batches. Patients primarily have undergone post coronary artery bypass grafting, valve replacement surgeries, angioplasties, etc.

The team here consists of special gynaecological physiotherapists who are available to treat all conditions relating to women’s health. This includes problems related to stress incontinence, bladder control problems and weak pelvic floor muscles. All women undergoing major gynaecological procedure at the hospital are seen by a physiotherapist. Other services include:

  1. Antenatal and postnatal classes are conducted on a regular basis.

  2. Pelvic floor muscle assessment and re-education for continence problems, weak pelvic floor or sexual dysfunction.

  3. Treatment to support recovery post hysterectomy and other gynaecological surgery.

  4. Manual therapy to treat muscular-skeletal discomfort, pain and dysfunction during and following pregnancy.

  5. Therapy to ease symptoms associated with menopause.